[kde-community] possible foss alternative to telegram/slack

Thomas Pfeiffer thomas.pfeiffer at kde.org
Wed Jul 20 16:37:24 UTC 2016

On 20.07.2016 17:57, Christian wrote:
> I maintain a personal mattermost setup because we are currently evaluating
> it at work.
> Maybe I have to say first that due to my background (I am a former freenode
> staff member) I am heavily biased towards IRC. But: if you plan to have an
> alternative to IRC, mattermost would be my recommendation.
> Mostly due to, compared to telegram, you having actual control over the
> server as well and the server being FOSS, not a proprietary thing running
> through a third party company. It also is very much aimed at development due
> to features like code blocks with syntax highlighting. It also is a bit less
> of a mess because it provides Teams (similar to what IRC Networks are) and
> rooms (similar to what IRC channels are) and can be well structured.
> It can also integrate rather well with various ticketing and monitoring
> solutions, plus, similar to telegram, can tunnel to / from IRC.
> So if some people, for whatever reasons, want to use anything else than IRC:
> my recommendation is that KDE infra provides something. Else there will be
> an uncontrollable mess of various protocols used by various groups, so
> people end up with n clients just to stay in touch with various parts. I
> assume if there was an official tool provided people would be less likely to
> use whatever alternatives they know from personal use. Also at least it
> could be centralized still, some protocols do not work terribly well with
> IRC tunnels.
> tl;dr recommendation: if some people really can't deal with IRC and need
> alternatives: go with mattermost, but provide an official instance.
Have you managed to get mobile push notifications working without
needing a subscription with Mattermost?
This is an issue we have not managed to solve during our evaluation,
but it is an absolute must for it to be viable for us.

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