[kde-community] Criteria for PlanetKDE Blogs

Ben Cooksley bcooksley at kde.org
Thu Jul 14 07:13:01 UTC 2016

Hi all,

Just a reminder on what is suitable, infrastructure wise, for hosting
of blogs which are aggregated on planetkde.org. Considering the number
of blogs on planet, we do very well with keeping the number of
failures as low as we do - so well done.

If you use one of the following hosted providers you can ignore the
rest of this mail:
- Blogspot (Google)
- Wordpress.com (Not the software from wordpress.org)
- Livejournal
- blogs.kde.org

In order for planet to pick up your posts within a reasonable time
frame, Planet must poll your blog on a regular basis - currently once
every 30 minutes. A listing of every failure or change in URL is sent
to Sysadmin on the completion of each run. As such a broken blog can
cause some problems.

In regards to blog software, please avoid software like Ghost
(resident Node.js software) unless it's being run by something such as
Passenger which can autoscale and kill off defective processes.
Wordpress and Drupal are both very decent and reliable solutions here
(be careful when updating Wordpress to setup a .htaccess again on
updates if you use Apache though!)

For servers, it is important your system is adequately resourced
(Raspberry PI class devices are not suitable), and setup to serve
static resources without hitting your blog software itself.

In regards to network - your blog should be hosted on a machine which
is connected to a datacenter class network connection. All reputable
VPS and Web Hosting providers will provide this. Consumer and Business
internet lines are not suitable.


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