[kde-community] please explain: Users shouldn't have to buy in into "KDE" from mission ideas

sabayon11 sabayon11 at gmail.com
Sat Jul 9 16:35:22 UTC 2016

I read on
"AlexN: let me put it like this: let's prioritize following the host
OS standards. Users shouldn't have to buy in into "KDE" if they just
want to use e.g. kate, and kate shouldn't feel out of place under OSX
or Windows (and they are working towards that). IMO the standalone
kate-installer for Windows is a much better approach than the
all-integrated KDE-on-Windows appraoch."

Does it mean that I will be able to install Dolphin as stand-alone
application on other graphic environments like Xfce, Cinammon, i.e.
without all Plasma dependences like kde-runtime, etc.?

Is it going to be really possible?

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