[kde-community] Randa Meetings fundraising - please spread

Sandro Andrade sandroandrade at kde.org
Mon Jul 4 14:42:57 UTC 2016

Hi there,

We've reached the last week for Randa Meetings 2016 fundraising [1]
and we're completely behind the goal :( That's mostly because our
audience depletes rapidly after some weeks and we lack some
promotional device (and man-power/energy) to keep pushing it forward.

Now we need to boost its last breath, for example by:

- Writing a nice blog post, everyone is welcome to do that and even
more for those of you who holds a quite popular blog. That's proven to
be quite effective lately.
- Promoting the campaign in regions other than Europe by translating
and spreading.
- If you were in Randa, telling what you achieved and call for donations.
- Doing anything else you feel could help ..

[1] https://www.kde.org/fundraisers/randameetings2016/


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