[kde-community] New maintainers wanted: KDE Telepathy, KAccounts, Plasma Notifications and others

Martin Klapetek martin.klapetek at gmail.com
Sat Jun 18 20:07:06 BST 2016


as I got a new job unrelated to KDE couple months ago, I'm finding myself
having less and less time and motivation to keep up with my maintainer's
duties. Therefore I think it's time to pass on some of the KDE things that
have my name in the "maintainer" field.

First off, there's the whole notifications stack, which includes
KNotifications framework, the fdo notifications server and finally Plasma's
popup notifications. The whole stack is relatively simple and does not
require much attention, but it could use some forward pushing to not be
stuck in 2009 anymore.

Staying in the Plasma land, I'd really like to hand the whole clock +
calendar stack to a dedicated maintainer. This is the bottom-right part of
the default Plasma panel - the clock applet, the calendar applet, the
backend for these applets, calendar events, proper timezones support and
all the pieces around. These things can get quite complex to grasp and
improve, yet are a crucial part of the desktop experience and deserve much
more attention than they get now.

KAccounts, the system to set up your online accounts, could use some much
needed improvements and expansions as well as integrating with the new
Akonadi/Sink/Kube-thing. If the last part will not happen, and it certainly
doesn't look like it will, I'm afraid that KAccounts in Plasma would no
longer serve its purpose and would become a burden rather than a useful
system component.

The last one and the biggest one - the 12 repos of KDE Telepathy. Now this
project is effectively dead. It hasn't seen any real development for more
than a year and basically is just on life support ever since the core team
had to leave the project because of job and life constraints. The other
factor is also the wide spread of mobile phones and mobile IM clients;
chatting on the desktop in not entirely modern interfaces with limited
protocol support is not as popular these days. But it would still be nice
to have someone at least oversee the couple of incoming patches every now
and then.

I think that at least the first two stacks are totally vital for Plasma
desktop and really need some attention. If you'd like to put your name on
any of the things above, please let me know. I'll make sure to do a proper
hand-off with explaining everything :)

Martin Klapetek
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