[kde-community] KDE Mission - let's do this! : Feedback on survey draft

sabayon11 sabayon11 at gmail.com
Thu Jun 16 12:32:03 BST 2016

Very interesting survey. I found some issues very controversial.

> ...reach as many users as possible, regardless of which operating
systems, applications or services they currently use

I say no, focus on quality. Be realistic. Don't take to much on your plate.

> ...convince users to switch away from proprietary software and services
in general

How are you going to convince? Marketing? If quality and useability of KDE
software is fine they will switch by themeselves. No earlier I guess.

> ...use new online services created by KDE for areas where no freedom- and
privacy-respecting services exist
> ...offer our own web-based products / services

Is KDE financialy capable of doing it? Has KDE other necessarry resources
to accomplish it? Will KDE users sponsor it or pay for it? Will you make it
commercial service?

> ...aim for a presence on mobile devices (e.g. smartphones and tablets)
> ...aim for a presence on embedded devices (e.g. in-vehicle
(entertainment) systems, smart TVs, smart home or machine control panels)

Do you really think that KDE can compete with Android or iOS? Or is it a
wishfull thinking only (dream on).

> ...adopt current and emerging user interface trends (e.g. mobile/desktop
convergence, conversation-based user interfaces, ...)

Are you capable of doing it in the first place? Do you have resources?

> ...treat all applications equally, regardless of whether they are for
common or niche tasks

Quality of Plasma - quickly fixing bugs, providing new features proposed by
users, basic features of desktop should be a priority. Next utilities. At
the moment I don't use for example Korganizer because some parts of it are
not developed and are useless (Kjots, Tasks).

> Business/ office users

 Is KDE capable of doing it? If yes, in what areas? Be realistic. Is KDE
office suit capable of replacing MS Office or even LibreOffice? Does it
offer advanced features like group work? Be realistic.

I have the impression that this question reflect that KDE developers have
big ambitions. But keep in mind that you need to have resources. KDE itself
is a niche desktop invironment. Focus on basics and if this is fullfilled
go further.

I am only an ordinary user. I want the basic features of desktop
environment to function properly without bugs. At the moment not all
features of KDE 4 has been implemented.
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