[kde-community] KDE Mission - let's do this! : Feedback on survey draft

Olaf Schmidt-Wischhöfer olaf at amen-online.de
Wed May 18 22:59:52 BST 2016

Thank you, this is done excellently!


Am 18. Mai 2016 23:43:12 MESZ, schrieb Thomas Pfeiffer <thomas.pfeiffer at kde.org>:
>On Dienstag, 17. Mai 2016 22:06:30 CEST you wrote:
>> > Hi Alex,
>> > thank you for reminding me of the email I had been wanting to write
>> > To be honest, I don't think the reach of this mailing list is the
>> > I've heard from quite a few people who have been following this
>> > discussion,
>> > but have not participated in it (for various reasons).
>> > Therefore, I changed plans. Instead of trying to get more people to
>> > participate in the discussion here, I will do what I'm trained to
>do: I'll
>> > conduct a survey.
>> > 
>> > I think we've already come quite far with the draft and I don't
>think we
>> > need much more open discussion. We have a quite good draft, but in
>> > points, we have your personal opinion against my personal opinion,
>and now
>> > I think the next step whould be to find out what the majority
>> > the "silent majority") thinks.
>> > 
>> > Tomorrow I will try to identify the points which are still
>contested (and
>> > I'm happy for you or others to contribute to that as well) and put
>them in
>> > a survey (along with those on which we agree, just to make sure the
>> > majority agrees with us as well) which I will spread via the Dot,
>> > list, the ev- membership list and maybe kde-devel just to be sure.
>> > 
>> > This survey will also invite people to join the mailing list
>> > but will primarily aim to just get numbers on those issues where we
>> > know what the majority thinks.
>> > 
>> > While I'm confident that we have found a Vision which everybody
>agrees to,
>> > I feel that for some points of the Mission, we'll have to go with a
>> > majority vote, because there are competing standpoints which are
>> > valid but cannot really be harmonized. On the other hand, I do not
>> > the standpoints are so far apart that those who prefer the minority
>> > position would not be able to identify with the Mission as a whole
>> > anymore if we adopted the majority position.
>> > 
>> > So, unless there are strong arguments against this approach, this
>is what
>> > I
>> > will do.
>> Sounds good, I'm happy to help.
>I have created a survey draft at
>Now please everybody click through it and give feedback on anything
>that you 
>think should be changed.
>Once it feels like we agree on the survey, I'll publish it on the Dot
>and on 
>the kde-community and kde-devel mailing lists, hoping to reach most KDE
>contributors and interested users.
>Thank you in advance for your feedback,
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>kde-community at kde.org
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