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On 13 May 2016 at 00:28, Jos van den Oever <jos at vandenoever.info> wrote:

> Hello all,
> Calligra relies on a project called MSOScheme. This project generates Java
> and
> C++ from an XML description of the Microsoft Office binary file formats.
> The project used to be on Gitorious. Gitorious closed and MSOScheme needs a
> new home.
> The code is not moving very fast and currently only Calligra uses it. The
> code
> only supports MS Office files, but it would be great to support more file
> formats.
> Writing XML instead of code for parsing and serializing has great
> advantages.
> You prevent many memory errors and can work on optimization without
> understanding all the separate file formats. This approach helped Calligra
> to
> have very fast MS Office parsers. At the time this was needed for running
> well
> on Nokia Maemo and Meego phones.
> As an example of the flexibility, there are 3 types of C++ generated. One
> that
> can parse with zero allocations, one that is a bit more easy to use but
> does
> use allocations and a third one that has full introspection on the parsed
> data
> and can output it as an XML tree for easy debugging or conversion with XML
> tools.
> https://gitorious.org/msoscheme/msoscheme.git/
> I believe the project could be useful for more than just Calligra. I'm
> writing
> a small demo to create a parser for tar files as a simple tutorial.

We need more general-purpose projects like ​
And IMHO if there's a way to make (generate) a C++-only version of the tool
then even better.
Larger audience.

Best regards,
> Jos van den Oever
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regards, Jaroslaw Staniek

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