[kde-community] Problems with KDE servers

Nicolás Alvarez nicolas.alvarez at gmail.com
Wed May 11 23:51:59 BST 2016

Hello KDE,

FYI, we are currently having hardware problems with an important
server, which hosts identity.kde.org and the @kde.org email server. It
has shut down for overheating twice in 24 hours (I have seen it
briefly hit 99°C, or maybe lm-sensors just doesn't show bigger

Both services are *currently* working, but KDE Identity is
CPU-throttled and I may disable it at any time if needed to keep
temperature under control. That is, I'm sacrificing Identity
performance and availability to keep the mailserver running.

We will hopefully move these critical services to another server soon.

In addition, notes.kde.org is currently unavailable too; it seems to
get stuck when Identity goes down. Unfortunately I have no access to
restart it.

KDE Sysadmin Team

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