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Is our mission de software or is the software our way to accomplish our

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On 24 Apr 2016 10:37, "Clemens Toennies" <starbuck at netrunner-os.com> wrote:

> Am 23.04.2016 um 22:36 schrieb Alexander Neundorf:
> Hi,
> On Wednesday, March 30, 2016 22:43:03 Thomas Pfeiffer wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> now that we've finally agreed on a vision for KDE [1] and have that out of
> the way, we can fully focus on how we want work towards that vision.
> Alex has already set up a Wiki page for brainstorming notes [2], so it would
> be great if everyone who has opinions or ideas about how we can nudge the
> world towards the one we envision could add them to it.
> It's really just brainstorming, no ideas are "bad" or anything, everyone and
> everything is welcome!
> I'd suggest that we let the brainstorming phase last until Friday and then
> start discussing the ideas collected on that Wiki page.
> So now let's focus our brains on the KDE Mission and please fill the wiki
> page! Thanks,
> Thomas
> there is somehow not much going here...
> Ideas how do we get this going ?
> I would go with the 4 points you mentioned:
>    - end-user applications
>    - a "classic" UNIX desktop
>    - an SDK (currently mainly KF5)
>    - a user interface for mobile/embedded Linux systems (currently Plasma
>    Mobile)
> Two suggestions:
> How about combining the two points "classic unix desktop" and
> "mobile/embedded", to clarify the team working "on the desktop" is really
> sharing ~80% of the code via one base (plasma) and people could use that
> plasma even in tv, car or aviation systems:
> * a modern (unix) shell, that targets the classic desktop and can converge
> towards mobile/embedded [somewhat like unity / android / windows10]?
> Also let's mention "end-user webservices" to be included, as subpoint
> under "end-user applications" (owncloud or wiki2learn), then this mission
> imo would still very focused and clear with our goals laid out in our
> vision.
> Greetings, Clemens.
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