[kde-community] Our new project metadata system

Richard Hughes hughsient at gmail.com
Fri Apr 1 10:37:46 BST 2016

On 31 March 2016 at 12:43, Luigi Toscano <luigi.toscano at tiscali.it> wrote:
> AppStream metadata are already decentralized, and you don't want a sysadmin
> ticket for each change to one of them. Let's have them in the hands of each
> project manager. So I strongly disagree with moving from the current status.

Agreed. You also want different screenshots and descriptions for
different branches of each project. Centralised storage of this was a
complete non-goal when designing AppStream for distros. If you want to
standardize where each appdata file is stored in the project (in
GNOME, it's sometimes ".", "data", "data/appdata" or "src") that might
be a worthy but difficult goal, but saying you can repopulate a
standards compliant AppData file from JSON and Markdown doesn't sound
very plausible at all.

Also, like it or not, people are browsing and installing software
using software centers. I don't think people go looking at
https://www.kde.org/applications/ when trying to install a new game.
Quite literally, there is no "Install" button to be found on that


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