[kde-community] Our new project metadata system

Boudhayan Gupta bgupta at kde.org
Thu Mar 31 08:25:03 UTC 2016

Hi all,

Over the last few weekends we've been doing some spring-cleaning to
our infrastructure. You may have noticed that we've killed off
projects.kde.org, and we have new scripts that generate our
kde_projects.xml without having to depend on ChiliProject now. We're
also planning to deprecate kde_projects.xml itself, and to that effect
we've started setting up a JSON/REST API at

The same infrastructure that is used to generate data for our API and
the XML file can be used to generate a HTML website with landing pages
for our applications, and this is something we intend to do in the
coming months as a replacement for the outdated kde.org/applications
site. To achieve that, however, we're going to need some help from

Our project metadata is currently held in the sysadmin/repo-metadata
repository. We currently hold data about the project name, repository
and a one-line description of each project. We would like maintainers
and anyone who can help to provide us with three things for every
project - a *description.md* file with a bigger description of each
project that appears on the website, and for applications with a GUI,
a *screenshot.png* file with a screenshot of the app and two icons (a
256 * 256 px icon.png and a 512 * 512px icon_2x.png).

Of course, only sysadmins have write access to sysadmin repos; not
everyone can upload the files themselves. You can get in touch with
the sysadmins over e-mail, use Phabricator or simply co-ordinate with
your module maintainer who can then send us the files in batches.
Volunteers and anyone willing to lend a hand with the process are most
welcome :-)

Boudhayan Gupta

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