[kde-community] finding a clear vision for KDE - second draft for discussion

Ingo Klöcker kloecker at kde.org
Sun Feb 28 22:59:12 GMT 2016

On Saturday 27 February 2016 21:29:10 Alexander Neundorf wrote:
> On Saturday, February 27, 2016 19:42:44 Stephen Kelly wrote:
> > Alexander Neundorf wrote:
> > >> "A world in which everyone has control over their digital life"
> > >> (in -> over) seems a great vision.
> > > 
> > > personally I'd like to have included that this can be done
> > 
> > At least in my view (see my mail), a vision is not 'done' at all. It
> > is only for inspiration.
> by "this can be done" I didn't mean "we will do the following to
> realize this", but the "do" refers to the action of "having control
> over their digital life".
> > > - independent from the commercial interest of companies
> > 
> > Out of scope of the vision. See also my mail.
> > 
> > > - available for everybody to use
> > 
> > The vision Jos and I discuss says 'everyone'. See also my mail.
> Yes, right.
> > > - using solutions which can survive long-term
> > 
> > Implied by the vision.
> > 
> > Actually I take this back. It's not implied by a vision. The
> > question is out of scope.
> > 
> > A vision is not done, and a 'solution' is out of scope.
> Isn't this nitpicking on the language ?
> Let me take an example. Let's take whatsapp.
> It is not free of cost, but really cheap. So to me this more or less
> qualifies as "available to everyone". Not ideal (free of cost), but
> close. Let's assume a Whatsapp user would have fully satisfying
> control over his privacy, his data, etc.
> This would qualify as "control over his digital life".
> Still, this is for me not enough.
> The user still depends on the company to continue the product, to not
> change the terms and conditions, etc.
> The user still is forced to use a device where the software runs, and
> has lost if the app is e.g. not ported to the new mobile OS of the
> day, to some new processor, etc.
> To me, this is not satisfying.
> Or, IOW, the technology should be available similar to how pen and
> paper are available today - very cheap, not dependent on a single
> company, notes written today will be still readable in 100 years, the
> knowledge how to create them is no secret, etc.
> Does that make clearer what I mean.

IMO, WhatsApp cannot give its users control over their digital life 
precisely for the reasons you write above. The user is a WhatsApp's 
mercy. This is the exact opposite of user control. The user's digital 
life is under the control of WhatsApp. They can delete the user's 
digital life whenever they want to.

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