[kde-community] finding a clear vision for KDE - an alternative draft for discussion

Martin Graesslin mgraesslin at kde.org
Mon Feb 15 14:11:47 UTC 2016

On Monday, February 15, 2016 2:31:09 PM CET Alexander Neundorf wrote:
> Ok.
> I doubt anybody wants to fight about the definition, whether its the vision,
> or the mission, or the product vision, or vision+mission combined.
> What our group wants to have, is getting some more attention back to the
> products created by the KDE community.
> How do we call the stuff which is what most KDE software is typically doing
> ? It's not CLI, it's not braille, voice output (while great) is also not
> the core of KDE, it's not machine interfaces, "Free Software" is just too
> generic. (I'd call it GUI, since the computer presents information in a
> graphical way.)

Hi Alex,

I'm the maintainer of the application which makes your products visible on the 
screen. So to say my application is "THE GUI". I'm the one telling you over 
and over again that I don't want KDE to focus on GUI, to not have that written 
into the vision.

Maybe you could start thinking about that. What does it mean if THE GUI 
maintainer doesn't want that? Maybe he has a better look on it with THE GUI 

Please don't completely dismiss my feedback. Think about it.


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