[kde-community] Distribution outreach program: Where do we go

Ivan Čukić ivan.cukic at kde.org
Mon Feb 15 08:17:00 UTC 2016

Hi Jonathan,

> Right, from the KDE neon FAQ:

Unfortunately, FAQ is not enough, this is something that we will have
to repeat over and over again. There will be some trolls who will post
that this is 'the kde distro', and some people will believe him, and
spread the word (because, nowadays, every comment on the net is a
'credible source' :/).

I don't see how it surprises anyone that most people, when they see a
statement online, that they do not go fact-checking, but consider it
to be the truth.

My favourite example was that so many people claimed that the new
millennium starts on Jan 1st 2000 citing Bill Clinton (former POTUS)
saying it on TV.

> better looking at weekly Plasma ISOs
> (http://files.kde.org/snapshots/), Plasma Wayland ISOs
> (http://files.kde.org/snapshots/), Plasma mobile images
> (http://kubuntu.plasma-mobile.org/) and Plasma Active images
> (https://files.kde.org/plasma/active/).
> Weirdly nobody ever complained about these or wrote articles saying
> they were a terrible idea.

Not really true, since there have been complaints about Plasma Netbook
ISO and Plasma Active IIRC.


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