[kde-community] Summary so far regarding the alternative/focused draft

Alexander Neundorf neundorf at kde.org
Fri Feb 12 20:52:22 UTC 2016


I'll try to summarize the points (as much as I can remember) which have been 
made wrt. to the alternative vision draft 

1) There was the argument that some things which exist in KDE do not match the 
4 items mentioned, e.g. a git-mirroring tool (or something like that).

- How about extending item 4 "A cross-platform Software Development Kit" to 
not only talk about libraries, but also other development tools ?
While I see those naturally as supporting the items mentioned in our draft, I 
wouldn't mind mentioning them explicitely.

- the 4 items mentioned are the stuff where we see the focus, the emphasis, 
the core. This doesn't mean stuff which does not exactly fit into that is 
automatically "excluded". Should we change the wording somehow ?

2) There was the argument that focussing on GUI software is too narrow, since 
it neglects CLI or future non-graphical user interfaces.
I think we should keep KDE focused on software with graphical user interfaces. 
IMO that's enough territory to cover.

3) Regarding "A complete set of cross-platform end-user applications", there 
was the question whether e.g. a gtk-application could also be a KDE 
Personally I'd like to keep the goal of providing consistent user interfaces 
etc. OTOH, if some gtk-application would really want to become a KDE project, 
they would probably want to follow our guidelines too. Currently this is not 
really explicitely excluded.
What do you think ?

4) I guess we should make the opening statement (the actual vision) a bit 
Ideas ?

5) my personal, real motivation to work on free software, especially KDE, is 
actually to provide the basic software people need to manage their digital 
life (desktop, file manager, document reader and creator, web browser, email, 
etc.) as free software, so it is available as common goods for everybody, like 
stencil and paper, instead of having to pay for them and depend on the will of 
some company. RMS's "Right to Read" influenced me a lot.

What did I miss ?
Comments, suggestions ?


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