[kde-community] finding a clear vision for KDE - first draft for discussion

Alexander Neundorf neundorf at kde.org
Wed Feb 10 21:02:29 UTC 2016

On Wednesday, February 10, 2016 07:59:20 Clemens Toennies wrote:
> Provoking thought:
> With the recent shift of Gnome to exclusivity (leading to mint x-apps,
> ubuntu forks), what if more and more GTK applications would become KDE
> projects because of shared values inside an independent, welcoming
> community?

Interesting thought.

Reading our "focused" vision draft again:

"KDE is a community of free software enthusiasts that strives to provide 
graphical user interfaces and applications for end-users for all types of 
computers across the device spectrum: desktops PCs, laptops, tablet, 
smartphones, etc.

We believe that software should be free and respectful of the privacy of our 
users. Our values are stated in the KDE Manifesto."

While a bit long, this opening statement actually covers those too, 
intentionally or not.
It just says "graphical UIs and applications", and your example, gtk-
applications, fall into this "focus".

I also said here already a few times, that there are projects which would be 
clearly "in focus", and there would be projects which would be clearly not in 
the focus, and that there are many blurry corner cases.

So let's just assume Inkscape, since it was brought up here by Jos. Clearly a 
GUI application, cross-platform and free. So far, clearly in. Our draft says 
"familiar and consistent KDE user experience [...]. This is reached by 
following common guidelines and using common technologies." For that part, no 
Let's assume, they would really want to become "Inkscape by KDE" (so everybody 
sees it), maybe they would actually put some efforts into following KDE 
guidelines so they feel more like a KDE application despite using gtk ?

Just thinking...


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