[kde-community] Should we allow non-KDE projects to participate in GSoC under KDE?

Jonathan Riddell jr at jriddell.org
Mon Feb 8 10:51:08 UTC 2016

I think it's very much in KDE's interest to allow projects which are
not part of KDE but which KDE depends upon to be part of it.  This
should be done on the judgement of the KDE GSoC admins based on value
to KDE and how well the other projects works with us.  In many cases
it's the same people who are KDE anyway.  For example in the past I've
had projects for KDE GSoC working on Kubuntu's installer which is
valuable to KDE as it lets our software get installed.  I'm also
interested in mentioning a project porting LibreOffice to a Qt 5 skin,
that seems valuable to KDE as it lets this important application work
well with our software.

KDE gains a better software ecosystem and more money for the e.V.

I also heard a suggestion from Vishesh that projects like Amarok
shouldn't be allowed in GSoC because they are not very active.  It
seems nonsense to block projects from having activity on grounds that
they are not very active.


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