[kde-community] GSoC Project for Propagator

Boudhayan Gupta bgupta at kde.org
Sun Feb 7 12:27:57 UTC 2016


I'm considering mentoring a GSoC project for Propagator. The broad
goals of the project will be:

1. Generalise the upstream types more (right now we have GitHub and
Anongit as hardcoded types; others should be able to write plugins for
their own upstream types, or add plugins for GitLab, Gitorious etc
which can be upstreamed to us).

2. Web UI for mirror status (heartbeat, up-to-date, general health colour etc).

3. Give us more control over the queue (I don't exactly know what yet,
but I imagine immediately purging the queue, or starting all jobs
irrespective of wait times would be good candidates).

Any other enhancements that we want?

-- Boudhayan Gupta

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