[kde-community] FOSDEM wrapup

José Millán Soto jmillan at kde-espana.org
Thu Feb 4 09:32:43 UTC 2016

El Wednesday 03 February 2016 12:58:58, Jonathan Riddell escribió:
> Saturday sales:
> Knitted Amigurimi Konqi Medium: 1
> KDE India T-shirts (these were very popular and we should buy more for next
> year.  They seem to be in Indian sizes where an XL is about a medium to us
> fat Europeans.) XL red: 1

I don't think that there were Indian sizes but they were fitted-cut sizes (I 
think all the straight-cut sizes have been sold in previous events).

> XL blue: 3
> 2XL organge: 1
> 3XL orange: 1
> Konqi t-shirts (white):
> 2XL: 1
> L 1
> M: 1
> KDE Logo t-shirts (white):
> XL: 1
> L: 1
> We took over 300euro on the Saturday which Jose took home.
> Sunday we ended up with over 320euro which Jose also took along with the
> sales figures.
> Jose can you post the sales figures here and confirm the amount you're
> transferring to e.v.?

Sunday sales:
Konqi t-shirts:
 - 2XL: 3
K-Logo T-Shirts:
 - M: 1
 - L: 3
 - XL: 2
Knitted Konquis: 5
KDE India: 1 orange XL

There might be some sales (prosibily the last minute sales) which had not been 
written as the total ammount in the cash box was higher, so over the next few 
days I'll count how many are there remaining and send an email with the 

The quantity on Sunday (including the contribution made by Adriaan) was 350€, 
so I'll transfer 650€.

A few comments about the t-shirt sales:
 - As Jonathan said, KDE-India t-shirts are very popular and it might be a 
good idea to make more. It was also suggested to make them in more colors.
 - Konqi t-shirts were more popular than the K-Logo ones, more people would 
have bought them should we had more L and XL units.

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