[kde-community] RFC: Distribution outreach program

Luca Beltrame lbeltrame at kde.org
Sat Jan 30 16:03:07 UTC 2016

Il Sat, 30 Jan 2016 14:39:11 +0100, Thomas Pfeiffer ha scritto:

> The intention is not to blame any distribution for anything. The goal is
> to give users a way to identify distributions which fulfill the
> requirements for our software to run optimally.

I understood that, but my fear is that the message will be misinterpreted, 
although I do not assume bad faith on any part.

> can't expect KDE software to work perfectly on that distribution, and
> they should not blame us for it.

It happens also the other way: there's quite a number of bugs filed at the 
distributions' trackers that are upstream problem. Again, this is not an 
accusation or "you too!" mention, just to say that this problem is IMO, 
inevitable, and at best it can be minimized (that's why I think the 
outreach idea is important).

> There should be a communication channel for distributions to notify us
> "Hey, we know we currently don't meet the dependency requirements

The other problem is that distro people are for the major part all 
volounteers, so I guess that between packaging and writing mails, they 
prefer packaging. ;) But I guess the kde-distro-packagers ML could be used 
for this, somehow?

> (unless it's about a critical security vulnerability, but distributions
> have special processes to get those fixed asap anyway, don't they?)

Yes, they do. Sometimes a prompt release is not warranted to watch out for 
regressions, and distros may hop to .x versions (and that is why, I think, 
Plasma people adopted a staggered minor release model).

> Would a "Runs KDE software optimally" kind of badge not be perceived as
> an endorsement?

Personally not, but I'd like other people from distributions to chime in.

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