[kde-community] Sprint: Reorganize the wikis

Olivier Churlaud olivier at churlaud.com
Wed Dec 9 20:40:50 UTC 2015

So joining in CERN would be easier.

I have several small questions:

- In https://sprints.kde.org/sprint/participate what should we check? 

- Could you tell us where we should arrive? I found this link: 

- How much would cost the accommodation?

Then if everything is fine, I'll send a clear informative message on the 
3 ML to give the details and I'll post the info on planetkde.

Looking forward for the confirmations


Le 09/12/2015 19:45, Riccardo Iaconelli a écrit :
> On Monday, December 07, 2015 01:11:22 PM Olivier Churlaud wrote:
>> So should I create a doodle? Or open a forum and put the link here? And
>> how do we organize the discussion ahead to plan everything? Forum or ML?
>> How much time ahead should it be prepared? I mean: what is reasonable
>> for a sprint time? I'm currently in Berlin, and I know that a lot of
>> contributors are there, so why not? However if we can join the people in
>> CERN, it's great too (even better :D).
> Hi!
> as organizer of the sprint you're mentioning, I am stepping in and joining the
> conversation! :-)
> Since you're talking of wikis, of course we'd be glad to have you with us! We
> can also add WikiToLearn to the discussion, to figure out e.g. wheteher the
> KDE book should be hosted there (IMHO, yes). Just make sure to book your
> presence soon, so we can do the hostel booking.
> Now, just out of curiosity, what particle accelerator are you working at?
> Bye,
> -Riccardo

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