[kde-community] Sprint: Reorganize the wikis

Valorie Zimmerman valorie.zimmerman at gmail.com
Tue Dec 8 00:25:38 UTC 2015

On Mon, Dec 7, 2015 at 4:11 AM, Olivier Churlaud <olivier at churlaud.com> wrote:
> So I answer to all :)
> Le 07/12/2015 01:20, Valorie Zimmerman a écrit :
>> On Sun, Dec 6, 2015 at 10:45 AM, Olivier Churlaud <olivier at churlaud.com>
>> wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> I however would need help...
>>> I've never organized nor taken part of a sprint... So I would be glad to
>>> get some pieces of advice to do it.
>>> @Valorie: I heared that you'd been here for some time and that you're one of
>>> the community manager (?). Maybe you are the good person to help me on this?
>> To get a sprint going for KDE, you've done the first step: ask folks
>> if there is an interest. Next, people sometimes set up a Doodle poll
>> or similar, or just choose a date and place. When the date and place
>> have been decided, put it into https://sprints.kde.org and get
>> everbody signed up *with numbers* so you can ask the e.V. board for
>> funding. I'm adding back in the www list and also the community list,
>> because I think this is both important and will draw lots of
>> volunteers.
> So should I create a doodle? Or open a forum and put the link here? And how
> do we organize the discussion ahead to plan everything? Forum or ML?

That depends on you, and the participants. If you have a date and
place in mind, then just announce it. If not, asking for input via
Doodle, and/or lists and forums is a good idea.

> How much time ahead should it be prepared? I mean: what is reasonable for a
> sprint time? I'm currently in Berlin, and I know that a lot of contributors
> are there, so why not? However if we can join the people in CERN, it's great
> too (even better :D).

Unless everyone or nearly everyone is local, at least a couple of
months is good. Often "piggybacking" on another event is good too,
such as a sprint before or after FOSDEM or another widely-attended
event. If there is nothing suitable, then just go it alone.

>>> Anyone with some experience in this is welcome to give me some hints
>>> about where to begin, what should be thought of and so on.

By the way, you HAVE begun. You have brought up the idea, and have
some buy-in. So we are on the way already. :-)

>> One thing to think of -- if you have only a few folks, someone's house
>> will work. For larger groups, a school or hotel is better, in a city
>> where transport in and out is easy, for those who have to travel by
>> air, auto, bus or train. If it is scheduled on a weekend, some
>> KDE-friendly business may be willing to donate their conference rooms
>> for the sprint days, for instance. This has worked well often in
>> Barcelona, in Brno, in Berlin for instance. Recently CERN has offered
>> space in Geneva -- can we join in this sprint with WikitoLearn?
> As I said, CERN would be great. Else I'm working in a place which uses KDE a
> lot (another particle accelerator in Berlin). If we are enough people, maybe
> I can try to get a room there.
> Ok there were a lot of questions :)
> Looking forward for your inputs!
> Olivier
>> Naturally this could fit into the Randa meetings too, but those are
>> many months away now.
>> Valorie
>>> Cheers
>>> Olivier
>>> Le 05/12/2015 22:45, Valorie Zimmerman a écrit :
>>>> On Wed, Dec 2, 2015 at 3:10 PM, Olivier Churlaud <olivier at churlaud.com>
>>>> wrote:
>>>>> Hi,
>>>>> I'm coming here with this observation: the wiki are quite a mess. And
>>>>> very often KDE4 and KF5 things are mixed.
>>>>> That everyone do it at their scale is impossible. That's why I have a
>>>>> proposition. (I've thought about it for a while)
>>>>> It would be easier to do this like in a sprint, in team.
>>>>> 1) Define what structure the wiki should have: What is techbase? What is
>>>>> Community? Are the manuals in Userbase or on doc? and so on
>>>>> 2) then take each page and order =Archive KDE4 | Mess | KF5 | To remove
>>>>> 3) Do a list of what is missing and what should be tidied.
>>>>> 4) Write to the corresponding teams so that they take care of it.
>>>>> 5) Remove what should be
>>>>> What I mean in 2) is: for example there are N pages about how to configure
>>>>> Git. We take the good one, put the other in a namespace "To remove"
>>>>> What I mean in 4) is: for example in https://community.kde.org/Sonnet,
>>>>> it's very old, and not much documented (sorry if some of you are reading
>>>>> this, I pick it randomly), so we can put a mail on the ML and tell them 'well
>>>>> we saw that...'
>>>>> Basically this is my vision of what could be done.
>>>>> Since I don't always know what is old what is still usable and so on,
>>>>> people with this knowledge would be required.
>>>>> I think we should plan it very carefully, to have a battle plan, and then go.
>>>>> What do you think?
>>>>> Would people be interested to give a hand?
>>>>> How and when do we begin?
>>>> Cheers
>>>>> Olivier
>>>> Sounds good to me! And I certainly would be willing to help, whether
>>>> remotely or at a physical sprint.
>>>> Valorie


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