[kde-community] Sprint: Reorganize the wikis

Valorie Zimmerman valorie.zimmerman at gmail.com
Mon Dec 7 00:20:59 UTC 2015

On Sun, Dec 6, 2015 at 10:45 AM, Olivier Churlaud <olivier at churlaud.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> I however would need help...
> I've never organized nor taken part of a sprint... So I would be glad to get
> some pieces of advice to do it.
> @Valorie: I heared that you'd been here for some time and that you're one of
> the community manager (?). Maybe you are the good person to help me on this?

To get a sprint going for KDE, you've done the first step: ask folks
if there is an interest. Next, people sometimes set up a Doodle poll
or similar, or just choose a date and place. When the date and place
have been decided, put it into https://sprints.kde.org and get
everbody signed up *with numbers* so you can ask the e.V. board for
funding. I'm adding back in the www list and also the community list,
because I think this is both important and will draw lots of

> Anyone with some experience in this is welcome to give me some hints about
> where to begin, what should be thought of and so on.

One thing to think of -- if you have only a few folks, someone's house
will work. For larger groups, a school or hotel is better, in a city
where transport in and out is easy, for those who have to travel by
air, auto, bus or train. If it is scheduled on a weekend, some
KDE-friendly business may be willing to donate their conference rooms
for the sprint days, for instance. This has worked well often in
Barcelona, in Brno, in Berlin for instance. Recently CERN has offered
space in Geneva -- can we join in this sprint with WikitoLearn?

Naturally this could fit into the Randa meetings too, but those are
many months away now.


> Cheers
> Olivier
> Le 05/12/2015 22:45, Valorie Zimmerman a écrit :
>> On Wed, Dec 2, 2015 at 3:10 PM, Olivier Churlaud <olivier at churlaud.com>
>> wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> I'm coming here with this observation: the wiki are quite a mess. And
>>> very
>>> often KDE4 and KF5 things are mixed.
>>> That everyone do it at their scale is impossible. That's why I have a
>>> proposition. (I've thought about it for a while)
>>> It would be easier to do this like in a sprint, in team.
>>> 1) Define what structure the wiki should have: What is techbase? What is
>>> Community? Are the manuals in Userbase or on doc? and so on
>>> 2) then take each page and order => Archive KDE4 | Mess | KF5 | To remove
>>> 3) Do a list of what is missing and what should be tidied.
>>> 4) Write to the corresponding teams so that they take care of it.
>>> 5) Remove what should be
>>> What I mean in 2) is: for example there are N pages about how to
>>> configure
>>> Git. We take the good one, put the other in a namespace "To remove"
>>> What I mean in 4) is: for example in https://community.kde.org/Sonnet,
>>> it's
>>> very old, and not much documented (sorry if some of you are reading this,
>>> I
>>> pick it randomly), so we can put a mail on the ML and tell them 'well we
>>> saw
>>> that...'
>>> Basically this is my vision of what could be done.
>>> Since I don't always know what is old what is still usable and so on,
>>> people
>>> with this knowledge would be required.
>>> I think we should plan it very carefully, to have a battle plan, and then
>>> go.
>>> What do you think?
>>> Would people be interested to give a hand?
>>> How and when do we begin?
>>> Cheers
>>> Olivier
>> Sounds good to me! And I certainly would be willing to help, whether
>> remotely or at a physical sprint.
>> Valorie


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