[kde-community] GCi start is beginning soon: Dec. 7

Valorie Zimmerman valorie.zimmerman at gmail.com
Tue Dec 1 03:16:47 UTC 2015

Hello folks, Stephanie recently mentioned in an email to the admin for
a org (Systers) new to GCi:

"Student work must be reviewed in under 36 hours always with a goal of
reviewing under 24 hours the majority of the time. That is a key
concern for mentors (and org admins). Things happen a lot faster with
GCI - it was described by an org admin recently as a 3 week sprint
(the first 3 weeks) then a 4 week marathon (the last 4 weeks).

"GSoC is much slower paced than GCI. I think that is the hardest thing
about GCI, a lot of stuff is going on in a very short period of time
for mentors, org admins and students.

"Be prepared is the number one thing to remember. You have a nice
solid number of mentors for Systers so that's a great start. The other
thing is to make sure you have enough tasks for the first couple of
weeks of the contest and if you can have a bunch (ie 50-100)
unpublished tasks in the system that you can publish as your task
count dwindles. Students always want more tasks to work on."

Folks, what she is saying is that we should shoot for having 175 tasks
*in the app* within a week. And more mentors, and more admins. We need
to get moving on this if we want to succeed in giving students a good

As of right now, we have 44 tasks. That is about 130 fewer than
Staphanie recommends. We've never fallen short before, and I believe
that we won't this time either. But without Freenode for the past few
days, I feel very out-of-touch with our community. We have to step up,
and soon.



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