[kde-community] Phabricator: Make it happen already!

Filipe Saraiva filipe at kde.org
Sun Nov 1 15:34:54 UTC 2015

Em 04-09-2015 17:17, Ben Cooksley escreveu:
> From my perspective at least, we will be migrating at the very least
> off of projects.kde.org (Chiliproject / Redmine). Considering the
> level of integration, it is extremely likely we'll be moving off of
> reviewboard.kde.org (Reviewboard) and todo.kde.org (Kanboard) as well
> to Phabricator.

Just a question, can the special keyword "review" in commit message to
close the reviews request in Phabricator? If not, is there any solution
like that to reviews in Phabricator?


Filipe Saraiva

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