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KDE has as general rule to attach the videos to the schedule of the
event. That is a very good strategy. It has a downside, they must be
downloaded. That is no big deal. The problem is finding them through
internet. It is not possible to link them directly in a web....

I would like us to consider a different approach to see if we increase
(so track) the number of people that watch them. Whatever approach we
agree on, the videos should be easy to find in internet. I think that
a video section would be very nice in our website. Maybe a TV channel
or similar in a cloud service.

I leave the solution to others more familiar with this partcular
point. All I know is that Akademy videos are not easy to find in
internet unless you know about them.

Best Regards

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>> Hi listmates and KDE lovers!
>> Are available the Akademy-es videos?
>> are uploaded somewhere?
>> 've phun!!
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> Hi,
> KDE Spain has them, they're in process to be published.
> Sorry for the delay and thanks for the patience!
> Aleix
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Agustín Benito Bethencourt

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