[kde-community] KDE on Android moving forward

Michael Riess riessmi at yahoo.de
Fri Oct 9 10:13:06 UTC 2015

Am 07.10.2015 um 13:20 schrieb Aleix Pol:
> Dear community,
> to provide a wide collection of Qt/KF5-based apps. As usual, the KDE
> Manifesto must also apply to these applications. The other benefit is
> that our users become aware of all the applications we provide easily
> and that they can trust that the app is genuine and up to our quality
> standards. Currently, Marble, KDE Connect and KAlgebra are already
> available from our Google Play Store account.

I am just curious:

Is there any reason why GCompris is not in this list?
(Is it because of the Incubator state or there is a paid version...)


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