[kde-community] Blacklisting of free.fr

Ingo Klöcker kloecker at kde.org
Sun Sep 27 19:27:09 UTC 2015

On Sunday 27 September 2015 09:32:32 Ben Cooksley wrote:
> Hi all,
> In 48 hours, i'll be blacklisting the entire of free.fr from KDE email
> infrastructure. This is necessary as it has become apparent that the
> security of @free.fr addresses is quite poor - allowing for
> subscribers accounts to be targeted, hacked, and then used to abuse
> KDE infrastructure.
> Please note that this is not the fault of the people using @free.fr
> addresses - despite multiple attempts to use different passwords, etc.
> their accounts continue to be breached and customer service is
> completely unresponsive to complaints surrounding this issue.
> If anyone has any queries regarding this, please let us know.

Shall we, the list admins, inform the corresponding subscribers resp. 
the list(s)?

If yes, then it would be great if there was a web page stating the 
current status and possibly also the past status, so that we can point 
the affected subscribers to this page. This web page might also put some 
public pressure on free.fr. Otherwise, I'll refer to your message 

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