[kde-community] "Fork Me" button within the kde git infrastructure?

Jaroslaw Staniek staniek at kde.org
Sun Sep 20 20:11:48 UTC 2015

I'd like to ask if this can be technically feasible and something we want:

[20:05] <jstaniek> A quick question: can someone by just creating a
kde indentity, have own scratch repositories?
[20:08] <jstaniek> You may know why I am asking; people say about
'free' replacements for 'free services' but for this pretty standard
case we have no support.
[20:36] <jstaniek> So here we are. There are no 'free' places to share
the code in a modern way.
[20:37] <jstaniek> Not just in early phase of cooperation but also in
integration projects.
[20:06] <Sho_ (Eike Hein)> sadly no although we wanted that
[20:38] <Sho_> depends on what you mean with share
[20:38] <Sho_> do you need write access to the same source?
[20:42] <jstaniek> yes, exactly
[20:42] <jstaniek> it's not like two step action: receive a patch,
apply to a KDE repo
[20:43] <jstaniek> it's working on a common ground with set of repos
usually ad-hoc forked
[20:45] <jstaniek> the result may result in patches for several
projects, KDE, non-KDE, distro projects, non-standard deployments
[20:46] <jstaniek> just the way of software integration
[20:47] <Sho_> jstaniek: I think one solution would be to add an ACL
system that allows KDE developer accounts to give write access to
specific repositories to non-developer IKO accounts
[20:48] <Sho_> then a dev can make the scratch repo and give out the push url
[20:48] <Sho_> how do you feel about that?
[20:48] <jstaniek> better than nothing! it's not a single Fork Me
button but one day it definitely can be such

regards, Jaroslaw Staniek

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