[kde-community] Official KDE mirror on github

Boudhayan Gupta bgupta at kde.org
Sat Sep 19 13:33:32 UTC 2015

Hi all,

This discussion is becoming nothing but a royal waste of time.

Let me summarise:

1. We generally agreed before starting that this was going to be a
read-only mirror.

2. For consistency's sake, we cannot enable issues/pull requests for
only some repos and disable for others.

3. Basing our workflow around GitHub is a complete no-no, because
they're a commercial entity who can lock us out of our data at will.

4. Some developers and maintainers have said that they need an
expanded presence on GitHub and have been using personal GitHub clones
of their KDE repos for their own needs (BountySource, etc).

5. Some developers think our existing infrastructure is broken and
that GitHub is better.

6. Some developers think that GitHub is broken and ours is better.

Now here's what I think from a common sense perspective:

1. Due to point 3, we cannot in any way rely on GitHub being up or
available at all.

2. Due to points 1 and 2, we cannot in any way enable pull requests on
the GitHub mirrors.

3. Regarding point 4, if developers already have personal GitHub
clones that they use for their own purposes, nothing is stopping them
from continuing to use them. Those clones are not endorsed by KDE,
they are under complete control of the individual
developers/maintainers, they are entirely the responsibility of the
developers/maintainers, and the developers/maintainers are free to do
with them as they see fit.

4. As for 5 & 6, "better" is a matter of personal taste. We *are*
moving to Phabricator eventually, which should make things better and
more GitHub-like for others (although you will need a KDE Identity).

Here's what developers and maintainers should really do: forget that
github.com/kde exists. For all practical purposes, it does not exist.
It isn't there. It should never be a part of your workflow. You should
never ever look at it. It is simply an additional clone source, just
like KDE's anongit servers. That's it. If you want a presence on
GitHub, use your personal accounts, and don't imply in any way that
your personal clone is "official" and related to KDE's infrastructure
in any way.

Boudhayan Gupta

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