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Luca Beltrame lbeltrame at kde.org
Sat Sep 19 09:44:46 UTC 2015

Il Sat, 19 Sep 2015 11:30:39 +0200, Vishesh Handa ha scritto:

> * There is nothing to do with selling your soul. Each of us has

We have a Manifesto, and we should, ideally, strive to respect it.

> * We're using Coverify - a non free tool * We're shipping binaries for
> Windows and Mac - non-free platforms.

We're not *depending on it* nor it is important for contributions. We 
could live without it.

> We have to draw the line somewhere.

Not enough into making our own code, which is the heart of our software, 
dependent on proprietary tools. 

Of all your examples, you omitted the only shameful one for KDE; 
opendesktop. And in that case, a lot of people do *not* like it.

And besides... hasn't the BitKeeper story taught us *anything*?

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