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Andre Heinecke aheinecke at intevation.de
Fri Sep 18 20:55:55 UTC 2015

On Friday 18 September 2015 22:29:31 Jaroslaw Staniek wrote:
> I don't argue with that it needs free tools. Of course we need to be
> able to operate as usual when the nonfree tools disappear.

As one of the KDE-Windows developers. Who would be able to cope if their 
precious Visual Studio is unavailable? Well probably you, Ralf and me (Because 
I never used that compiler). The other developers are suckered in a "I'ts free 
(as in beer)" (just like github) mentality and didn't learn to how the basics 
work that are automated when they use visual studio. So their knowledge is 
dependent on the tools.

> I do argue with 'Free software needs to reject nonfree tools even at
> the cost of alienating most of the non-KDE world'.

I would argue against that. Encouraging Free Software tools even if they are 
not as convenient as proprietary tools is very important. Hell I'm hacking 
together Outlook Addins using free tools because the Idea is that you should 
not rely on proprietary tools to work on / with Free Software.

> Disclaimer: unlike
> rms I don't have access to secretary who browser the internet for me.
> And I still use GSM.

What do those two sentences mean? I interpret the first one as a cheap shot 
against Richard Stallman. (Uhhhhhh He eats things from his toes!!! Have you 
seen the video?!!!!!!)
I fail to understand the second sentence.

> It comes down to the question if one acts more inclusive or exclusive.
> For you: that's like 'reject closed-source drivers for kwin even if I
> won't be able to use cool kwin features' type of rejection.
> I wouldn't have problem if presence on github would be completely
> opt-in as Friedrich suggested, based on subprojects' requests. It
> would also help to sort out the issue with some obsolete repos.
> Yesterday just dying in project.kde.org playgrounds and today
> everything is mirrored on github. Or is it too late?

No I don't think that is the point. For me it is more like "Do we start to 
accept patches that are created by this proprietary tool and review them using 
this same tool?"

It's like asking me to install Visual Studio to review and accept patches. No 
I will not do this <period> (Yeah github is a webapp but the principle still 
applies imo)


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