[kde-community] sprint fundraising campaign

Carl Symons carlsymons at gmail.com
Fri Aug 28 17:38:27 UTC 2015

Hello KDE Community,

We are running a fundraising campaign[1] and need your help...in two ways.

1 - donate
Please donate to the campaign. Any amount helps.

2 - spread the word
Tell people about the campaign. Everyone on this mailing list has at 
least some interest in KDE. For some, KDE is an important part of life. 
It would be helpful to tell others about what we're doing and why it's 

There are several stories on the Dot[2] about the fundraising campaign. 
PlanetKDE[3] has several blogposts about it. Those resources have plenty 
of find reasons to donate and things to tell other people.

Sprints are crucial to KDE's success. They mainly involve software 
development—strategy, planning, organizing, fixing and just plain hard 
work. Many (most?) of our innovations have been started with in-person 

The fundraising goal is €38,500. That is nothing compared to the 
multi-billion-dollar advertising budgets of the big proprietary software 
companies. With millions of people using KDE technology, modest 
donations from even a small number of those users will be enough to 
reach and exceed the goal.

The fundraising campaign will run until September 13th, the final day of 
the Randa Meeting sprints. That's a little more than 2 weeks from now. 
Please help get the word out. Ask people to support you by supporting 
the projects you work on.

Thank you


[1] https://www.kde.org/fundraisers/kdesprints2015/
[2] https://dot.kde.org
[3] https://planetkde.org

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