[kde-community] Renaming KScreenGenie

Jos van den Oever jos at vandenoever.info
Mon Aug 24 20:56:25 UTC 2015

On Monday 24 August 2015 13:51:57 Jeremy Whiting wrote:
> I used to use KSnapshot (or whatever the existing application is
> called, all these names going around have me second guessing myself)
> on windows all the time. It works much better than window's print
> screen and paste into MS paint to be able to save the screenshot to
> disk and such. The better it works the more places it will be useful.
> Tying it down to k* or plasma-workspace would be limiting it, so a
> name that's different than any other application would be ideal imo.

That's an awesome story. I had no idea. Might be worth a life hack blog post 
for windows users.


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