[kde-community] Updating TechBase Getting_Started pages

John Layt jlayt at kde.org
Mon Aug 17 08:53:58 UTC 2015


I've started to update the old TechBase Getting_Started pages for the
new KF5 world [1].

My aim is to teach the one simplest quickest way to build KF5 for new
KDE contributors. There's a few key concepts I want this rewrite to
1) There is only one way to do things, no giving alternatives
2) There is only KF5, no KDE4
3) There is only kdesrc-build, no manual messing around

The three build scenarios (= new dev personas) that will be presented will be:
1) Build an app only using packaged Qt and KF5
2) Build Plasma only using packaged Qt and KF5
3) Build Frameworks using packaged Qt

All the more detailed or historic information will be removed to other
parts of TechBase [2]. New build instructions for external devs just
wanting to use a Framework or two should also go here and not

This may result in some default build configs needing to be added to
the kdesrc-build repo to make life easier. There may also need to be a
couple of simple scripts to set-up kdesrc-build to start with, and to
actually run things seeing as kdesrc-build doesn't. The less the new
dev has to worry about the better.

Thoughts? Is anyone else working on something similar?


[1] https://techbase.kde.org/KF5/Getting_Started
[2] Probably https://techbase.kde.org/Development/Build?

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