[kde-community] Official KDE mirror on github

Jos van den Oever jos at vandenoever.info
Mon Aug 17 07:51:02 UTC 2015

On Monday 17 August 2015 09:43:04 Boudewijn Rempt wrote:
> People even get pissed that we're not on github, github is, after all the,
> Official Git Place. They don't trust a git repo that's not on github...

In real life, I very often have to correct people who conflate git and github.
Github was very successful in hijacking git. That's a big achievement, but 
having one big player is not healthy for the ecosystem and its inhabitants.

The network effect is the big enabler here. GitHub, just like Facebook, 
Windows, and more recently WhatsApp, grew because people felt they could not 
avoid it. (I left out political examples ;-)


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