[kde-community] KDE Sprints 2015 Fundraiser

Aleix Pol aleixpol at kde.org
Sun Aug 9 11:02:11 UTC 2015

Dear KDE Community,
Sprints are very important for KDE development. As you know, KDE
contributors come from all around the world and in many aspects, the
thing that unites us is KDE and the Freedom to share and create. In
order to work together, it's very important to meet from time to time
and talk through things in person and hash out plans. There's many
things happening at sprints: meeting new people, sharing different
points of view, etc; but there's something that definitely happens:
work. Very hard and focused work. The kind of work that happens when a
team of thriving people with interesting ideas get together in a quiet
place and push forward together.

A good example of this has been the Randa Meetings. A quiet place in
the mountains, different rooms for the different teams and a shared
dinning room. Over there, things happen, good ideas come to life and
even bad ideas go down the drain. Only together, we get to create the
technologies that will shape the next years, bringing the Free
Software ideas to society. This year, at Randa Meetings it will
revolve around "bringing touch to KDE", which is an obvious missing
piece in KDE. Not because of touch technology itself, but because of
the importance of being able to extend the reach of our software in
crucial spaces of our daily life.

We need ways to sustain these meetings. This is why we came up with
the KDE Sprints 2015 fundraiser. We want all of you to be able to chip
in and collaborate. If you can donate, we'll really welcome your

Furthermore, there's other ways to help. We need to spread the word,
to remind everyone that we're getting together to shape our own future
and that we want to do it in the best of the conditions: You can blog,
you can tweet, you can podcast it, you can tell your family and

Aleix, and the KDE eV Board

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