[kde-community] Trademark clause in the Manifesto

Thiago Macieira thiago at kde.org
Tue Jul 28 16:50:21 UTC 2015

On Tuesday 28 July 2015 09:37:40 Boudewijn Rempt wrote:
> I don't think it says that, but I also don't think that it can work like 
> this. If I disappear or disband the Krita Foundation (which owns the 
> trademark), then how would this transfer be implemented? It's probably 
> something that will be specific for each situation, but as it is, I'm 
> totally unsure how this is supposed to work in practice.

Another aspect is to consider the difference between a registered trademark and 
a non-registered one. Registered trademarks ® are regulated Intellectual 
Property, for which one pays a fee and has rights and duties. It can only be 
ceded through a proper contract. I'm not sure a verbal contract or the 
manifesto would serve, here.

A non-registered trademark ™ is just anything you claim as an identifying 

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