[kde-community] Request to join KDE Incubator for KScreenGenie

Laszlo Papp lpapp at kde.org
Fri Apr 17 07:38:32 UTC 2015

On Fri, Apr 17, 2015 at 8:21 AM, Boudhayan Gupta <me at baloneygeek.com> wrote:
> Hi all,
> Over the past few weeks, I have been writing a new screenshot
> application for KDE. I'm calling it KScreenGenie, and the code is
> currently online at https://github.com/BaloneyGeek/KScreenGenie.
> I initially started out by trying to help out in porting KSnapshot to
> KF5, but it struck me that there was a lot of duplication in the code,
> major changes in the design would be required to support Wayland, and
> that there was support for a whole bunch of strange image grabbers,
> including one which allows one to capture a single widget in the
> application (which doesn't even work properly in KF5/Qt5). In all (at
> least for me), it seemed easier to write something new from scratch
> and copy over some of the code from KSnapshot.
> So I've gone ahead and done this, and I'd like to request the KDE
> community to weigh in and see if this can some day replace KSnapshot.
> Some of the technical changes are listed below:
> * QtQuick/QML based UI
> * Native backend for image capture (doesn't use the Qt pixmap capture
> APIs). Allows for greater control with multimonitor setups. Currently
> only an X11 backend exists, written using only XCB and using KScreen
> for monitor layout information. Writing a backend isn't difficult (one
> of my goals was to make writing a Wayland backend very easy once an
> API becomes available).
> * More stuff in the README file in the repo (I know calling it a KDE
> app and the eventual replacement for KSnapshot right now - on GitHub -
> is a bit early and possibly pretentious, sorry, but since I wrote it
> with the express purpose of replacing KSnapshot, I thought I'd save me
> an extra step by not giving it a temp name / KAboutData code).
> I've been active on the IRC channels while I was coding this (I'm
> BaloneyGeek, hi!), and I'd like to thank Martin Graesslin who has been
> a big help through the coding process, and has guided me on what to do
> on more than one occasion. Having "officially" been part of the
> community for only two months, I'd also like to thank Valorie
> Zimmerman for showing me the way, so as to speak, by showing me how
> things are done around here, and pointing me to the Incubator.
> -- Boudhayan Gupta
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Looks good to me.

IMHO, it was already a mistake not to start it as a KDE project from
day one with a scratch repository. This looks like a clear KDE case to
me, so this Incubator process looks a bit superfluous should you have
chosen the KDE infrastructure from the beginning.

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