[kde-community] Improving the TechBase Wiki to help new contributors getting involved in KDE

Cornelius Schumacher schumacher at kde.org
Sun Mar 8 22:35:43 UTC 2015

On Sunday 08 March 2015 01:24:47 Mathieu Tarral wrote:
> I would like to raise your attention to the state of the TechBase Wiki.
> The main purpose of this wiki is to contain the technical information
> needed by new contributors and everyday developers to get involved in
> the project, and stay up to date with new development procedures.

When we set up Techbase, we targeted at developers using KDE technology, i.e. 
ISVs, sysadmins, any third-party developer creating applications using KDE 
libraries. It was supposed to lower the barrier for external developers 
writing applications, but who usually wouldn't be part of the community.

So it's not primarily about contributors to KDE software or getting developers 
to join the community, but about polished technical resources for a broad 
audience of people using KDE technology.

For contributors and people who work as part of the KDE community on KDE 
software itself, we have community.kde.org. The information there goes deeper, 
sometimes requires more background knowledge, and is more in flux. It's in a 
separate Wiki, so it doesn't confuse or distract third-party developers who 
don't have the intention or time to dig deeper into the community.

With this separation in mind the structure makes more sense. That said, there 
certainly are many areas where it still can be improved.

Cornelius Schumacher <schumacher at kde.org>

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