[kde-community] Improving the TechBase Wiki to help new contributors getting involved in KDE

Mathieu Tarral mathieu.tarral at gmail.com
Sun Mar 8 00:24:47 UTC 2015

Hi everyone !

I would like to raise your attention to the state of the TechBase Wiki.

The main purpose of this wiki is to contain the technical information
needed by new contributors and everyday developers to get involved in
the project, and stay up to date with new development procedures.

KDE has been moving very fast lately, thanks to the hard work which has
been accomplished with the jump to Frameworks and Plasma5.

The TechBase wiki can be seen as the main entry point for any new
contributor willing to dive into KDE development.

Therefore, it should be as clear and intuitive as possible, keeping in
mind that contributing at the source code is a hard task for newcomers,
because the more difficulties they encounter in the process, the more
they will give up.

In my opinion, the actual structure of the wiki is not very intuitive
and can be improved.

For example, the "Discover" section contains a link for sysadmins and
advanced users, but it's not related to development.

Also, in the "interact" section, we have a link for information
regarding ISV. Maybe we could put it somewhere else, since it concerns
a very specific part of the users ?

And there are links on "how to contribute" which are repeated all over
the wiki.

This just for the front page.

I would be pleased to have a general feedback from the KDE community
about the state of the TechBase Wiki, how it is structured, and how it
may/should be.

Thanks !

Mathieu Tarral

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