[kde-community] KDE e.V. is looking for its first Executive Director

Lydia Pintscher lydia at kde.org
Mon Dec 22 14:14:39 GMT 2014

KDE e.V. has been successfully supporting the KDE community for over
17 years. For many of them we had the tremendous help of a business
manager, several interns, an event manager and countless volunteers to
be able to do this. In the coming years we want to be able to support
the KDE community even better. In order to do this we need strong
support from an Executive Director. The Board of Directors has decided
to hire someone for this position in the coming months. We are looking
for a passionate individual who understands our community and can
drive our business interaction. They will shape the future of our
organization and be a part of our mission of bringing great Free
Software to end-users.

You can find out more about the position in the job ad at

If you have questions you can reach the hiring task force at
kde-ev-hiring at kde.org

We need your help in finding the right person to be our Executive
Director. Please spread the word and reach out to people you think
would be a good fit.


Lydia Pintscher - http://about.me/lydia.pintscher
KDE e.V. Board of Directors / KDE Community Working Group
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