[kde-community] The Community Working Group needs you?

Valorie Zimmerman valorie.zimmerman at gmail.com
Sat Nov 22 05:41:18 GMT 2014

Hi folks,

Our Community Working Group[1] has dwindled a bit, and some of our
members have work that keeps them away from doing CWG work. So it is
time to put out another call for volunteers.

The KDE community is growing, which is wonderful. In spite of that
growth, we have less "police" type work to do these days. This leaves
us more time to make positive efforts[2] to keep the community
healthy, and foster dialog and creativity within our teams.

One thing I've noticed is that listowners, IRC channel operators and
forum moderators are doing an excellent job of keeping our
communication channels friendly, welcoming and all-around helpful.
Each of these leadership roles is crucial to keeping the community

Also, the effort to create the KDE Manifesto[3] has adjusted KDE
infrastructure to be directly and consciously supporting community
values. The commitments section is particularly helpful.

Please write us at Community-wg at kde.org if you would like to become a
part of our community gardening work.


1. https://ev.kde.org/workinggroups/cwg.php
2. https://community.kde.org/CWG
3. https://manifesto.kde.org/


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