[kde-community] Season of KDE

Valorie Zimmerman valorie.zimmerman at gmail.com
Wed Oct 15 11:10:56 BST 2014

Hi folks. Amidst the work of the summer, with fundraising, Randa, and
Akademy, Season of KDE got sort of left out. And yet some of us feel
that it is important, and that some mentors and some students want to

We realize the Google Code-in is approaching as well, and we don't
want to overburden anybody, so please: there is no pressure to
participate in either of them. However, some of us thrive on the
interactions with the students and mentors, so a few of us have agreed
to act as admins for SoK.

We'd like to announce it publicly soon, and commence as soon as
mentors and students want to, and agree on the scope of the task. This
year, we want an end date, and regular reporting.

So, rule one of Season of KDE 2014 is that monthly student blogs are
*required.* It is up to the student to arrange a blogging platform,
and get that blog onto the Planet. Instructions are at the top of the
Planet KDE page.

Rule two is the end date: January 31.

If you as a mentor are considering a student, please make your own
expectations clear to the student before agreeing to take them on.
After all, this is your time and attention you are willing to give to
them during the holiday season.

If we have only a few students, that's fine. They will still get a
tshirt and a certificate of completion if the mentor(s) agree that
their work was satisfactory. Also, there is no requirement that the
person undertaking the project be enrolled in school. SoK is open to
anyone who wants to take on a project in our timeframe, and get a
certificate and tshirt.

By the way, we need someone to design a kickass tshirt -- I will
contact the VDG if no one here volunteers.

If you are interested in mentoring and have no student in mind yet,
please put your project idea here:
And subscribe to KDE-Soc-Mentor list. If your subscription request
isn't OK'd in a day or so, please ping one of the admins in #kde-soc.

If you are a prospective student, start writing up your proposal, and
find a mentor.

Go go go!



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