[kde-community] Proposal Two: The Sigma Release Days and independent releases

Mario Fux kde-ml at unormal.org
Tue Apr 22 10:33:51 BST 2014

Proposal: Offer the possibility for the suites/groups of apps to release 
independently and make two, three or more release days ("Sigma" as the greek 
symbol for the sum) per year where and when we make big promo for KDE 

Promo wise it could make sense to still have some release days where and when 
we release and announce some of our apps and software together and in a big 
way. Suites, groups and single KDE projects could decide on their own to 
participate on such an event. (See for a formalization of the release and 
announcement process in a next proposal).
So Sigma (or what other name) would be a cumulative release and announcement 
day and with discussions like this one [1] it should once and for all be clear 
that there is no and will never be a "KDE5" and that "Sigma != KDE" (and no, I 
don't really believe that all the discussions will end, but that's ok ;-).

Here are some fictive examples for such Sigma days/weeks:
- Sigma in July 2014 includes KDE Core Apps 5.0, KF5 5.0, Plasma 2014.6, 
Calligra 2.9 and Amarok 3.0
- Sigma in January 2015 includes KDE Core Apps for Desktop 5.1, KDE Core Apps 
for Tablet 5.0, Plasma 2014.12, Digikam 4.4 and KDE Edu 5.2
- Sigma in July 2015 includes KDE Core Apps for Desktop 5.2, KF5 5.2, Plasma 
Active 5, Bodega 1.0 and KDE PIM 5.1

And in between we've independent releases of Plasma, KDE PIM, Amarok, etc. 
with or without some promo.

Next steps:
- Rhythm of Sigma: How often do we do such a Sigma day/week? Every 6 or 4 
- Should it be a week or a day?
- How should we call it?

Now please tell me your opinion in a short, constructive and polite way. 
Details can be discussed in Randa and/or at Akademy. So let's concentrate on 
the bigger ideas.

Thanks and best regards

[1] https://plus.google.com/+JosPoortvliet/posts/EZvEsvGYTZf
And please don't discuss "KDE" branding here. The above link provides some 
very good explanations why "KDE" is since years the people and not the 

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