[kde-community] SCRUM in KDE

Peter Grasch peter at grasch.net
Mon Mar 3 18:03:20 UTC 2014


On 03/03/2014 06:56 PM, Ivan Čukić wrote:
> Not sure whether this is the topic for kde-community, but here it goes... :)
Hm... sue me :)

>> for this years Open Academy project, we have decided to use SCRUM. I
>> have looked at tools that could help us implement the various practices
>> and found "Icescrum" (http://www.icescrum.org/). I installed it on my
>> own infrastructure and so far I'm very happy with it.
> We have had a chance to play around with IceScrum during the Plasma Active 
> development. People weren't really satisfied with it. It was fun to drag the 
> stickers around, but it was problematic from time to time.
> (I'm hoping somebody will remember the actual issues we have had, since I 
> don't :) )
Yeah, I heard about that from Aaron as well.
So far, I'm still in the stage were moving stickers around is entirely
enough to keep me entertained, so I'll have to wait and see. The online
reviews are quite positive, fwiw.

>> Is there interest from the membership? Should we maybe look into having
>> a central instance of Icescrum (or an equivalent) on the KDE infrastructure?
> IIRC, there is (was?) something in the works regarding this. I remember that a 
> few systems were being tested half a year ago, with the intention to choose 
> one for Plasma (as the guinea pig, and later other projects), but I haven't 
> heard anything regarding that since.
Would be very interested about this.

Best regards,

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