[kde-community] Updating our vision

Thomas Pfeiffer colomar at autistici.org
Tue Jan 28 20:39:14 UTC 2014

Hi everyone,
when Heiko and me wrote our Human Interface Guideline for product Visions, we 
wanted to link to the overall KDE Vision. However, when we looked it up at 
http://techbase.kde.org/Projects/Usability/Principles/KDE4_Vision we noticed 
that it is for KDE4 and we haven't found a vision document for the next 
generation of our products yet. I think the majority of content from the KDE4 
vision will still be relevant for the next generation, but we might want to 
update some parts of it as well.
Additionally since we're moving away from a monolithic product called KDE to 
more independent products, an overall vision as such may be questioned as 

So what do you think? Should we still have an overall vision for "Things KDE 
produces after the KDE 4 series"? If so: Should it be written from scratch or 
updated from the KDE 4 vision?

We (the usability team) are convinced that having product visions is very 
helpful, certainly on an application level, but perhaps on a community-wide 
level as well. Therefore, we're looking forward to your input!


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