[kde-community] Applications in KDE Generation 5

Thomas Zander zander at kde.org
Thu Jan 16 11:01:09 UTC 2014

On Thursday 16 January 2014 11.42.43 Aaron J. Seigo wrote:
> > * Do we need small utilities like KCalc as stand-alone apps, or do
> > they belong in Workspaces, perhaps as Plasmoids?  Where do we draw the
> > line between them?  And if there's both a Plasmoid and an App for
> > something, which goes in the main release?
> Plasmoids do not need to “belong to” the workspaces. There is an
> Application  FormFactor that plasmoids can use as a hint for when to
> implement a full application UX and we have a stand-alone application
> shell. So KCalc could be a plasmoid and be able to put literally
> anywhere (desktop layer, Plasma Active grid view, panels, in the media
> center or as a stand-alone app) transaparently to the user.

Would that version of kcalc work properly if the user decided to use 
something else than kde-workspace? Like gnome.  Or Windows?

Thomas Zander

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