[kde-community] Why were there no talks about Ubuntu Mobile at Akademy?

Aaron J. Seigo aseigo at kde.org
Fri Aug 23 13:39:38 UTC 2013

On Thursday, August 22, 2013 08:21:51 Laszlo Papp wrote:
> One problem here is that we cannot try that on the real device until we
> have one. In my experience the last few years in the (kde) mobile field,
> people are not that interested in such things when they do not have
> gadgets. 

yep; the number of people who will buy and flash a device on their own is 
unfortunately small. but i totally understand.

fwiw, after ~9 months working on the custom hardware for the Vivaldi tablet, 
casework finally got completed (we had 3 false starts in which a prototype run 
showed problems not caught on the CAD files; very, very frustrating stuff ..)

the completed prototype casework is off for final tooling (and i’m now facing a 
decision of which of two materials to use for the back; dual injection mould 
plastic or something a bit fancier .. the fancier option wasn’t available to 
us a few months back, but the factory can now do either and they need to work 
up their final quote (everything is “JIT” there) so we’re getting a quote on 

but that means we’ll soon have a trial run of a thousand devices some of which 
will go off for CE/FCC certification and the rest of which we’ll be able to sell 
as an early run batch. then mainline production will crank and we’ll be in 
real business: as many devices as we can sell and no flashing or other humbug, 
just open the box and turn it on.

and that will be a major hurdle cleared for getting people going with open 
software on open devices where you also get to keep the warranty ;)

oh .. and we’ve got engineering boards coming too for those who want to play 
at a slightly lower level. think raspberry pi but with actual horsepower.

Aaron J. Seigo
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